Investment Solutions

Mariner Real Estate Management aims to earn equity-like returns through the purchase of first mortgage debt. Historically, the purchase of first mortgage debt has produced returns much lower than equity because of the reduced risk. By combining fresh capital and unique expertise, MREM strives for equity-like returns by purchasing first mortgage debt at a discount.

Mariner Real Estate Management provides qualified investors with products and strategies designed to take advantage of distressed conditions and dislocations in the current real estate markets.

MREM’s current investments include: residential lots, entitled land, secured loans, income producing properties and value-add opportunities.

  • Opportunistic
  • Commercial and residential
  • Distressed debt investments
  • Value add

Select Transactions

  • Multi-Family CRE Loan Portfolio - Collateral consists of more than 1,150 apartment units located in five states; $48 million unpaid principal balance
  • FDIC ADC Loan Portfolio - Two loan pools consisting of collateral in 26 states; $760 million unpaid principal balance
  • Master Planned Community - Recapitalization of a 6,300 residential lot master planned community located in central Texas
  • Regional Bank Loan Pool Acquisition - Winning bidder on a large pool of residential development and construction loans sold by a publicly traded regional bank
  • National Homebuilder Portfolio Acquisition - Acquisition of a national homebuilder’s remaining housing unit and lot portfolio located throughout an entire metro area. The impetus of the sale was due to the exiting of the Midwest market by the homebuilder
  • Retail Shopping Center Loan - Collateral consists of a portion of a 617,940 square foot retail power center.
  • FDIC SIP Portfolio - Acquisition of $101 million unpaid principal balance loan portfolio

  • Please note, the Select Transactions shown above are included for informational and illustrative purposes only. Said Select Transactions were selected by Mariner Real Estate Management, LLC, and were selected based on informative and illustrative value in order to showcase the variety of transactions MREM currently participates in. Said Select Transactions were in no way selected based on performance and nothing herein should be relied upon as such. Nothing herein should be construed as investment advice.